Frequently asked questions

How does the process look like?

1. Buying a website – if you liked our offer, you make a purchase through one of the options we offer

2. Sending instructions – after purchase, you fill in our form, which we will send you regarding the appearance of the page

3. Designing – after receiving the instructions, we start work on the creation of the website, we send you the initial project after 3 working days from receiving the instructions

4. Acceptance – if the design meets your expectations, you accept it and if you do not make a correction to full satisfaction

5. Completion – after accepting the design, your website starts to exist on the internet

What costs do I take after a year to keep my website?

After a year, we remind you by e-mail two weeks in advance and the cost of maintaining hosting in our company is £25

If you had installed SSL, it costs £25 for another year

What if I have my domain / hosting?

If you have bought a domain, we can easily attach a website made to it after full acceptance

If you have your hosting then after full acceptance we can easily transfer the website to you

The company mail and SSL options are only available when installing the page on our server

Do you limit the number of corrections?

No, we aim for full customer satisfaction

Will my project be individual / be able to have any arrangement?

Yes, of course

Will my website work on all devices?

Yes, our websites are fully responsive on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones

I already have my own logo, photos, etc. Is it possible to use them?

Yes of course.

Will I be able manage the admin panel?

Sure, every client manages with our panel, we additionally add the manual in .pdf format

What can I edit on my website?

Generally every element of colors, content, graphics, banners, etc.